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Increase the potential of your small or medium business network with high-performanced functional solutions that cover network security, IP telephony, unified communications, wireless networks. Use the skills and experience of our engineers to implement the most challenging projects – consulting services, audit and outsourcing of IT-systems.
Presale consulting
Expert assessment of the equipment based on the application and customer problems.

IT infrastructure
Project development and hardware stable operating networks, data centers work with a guarantee of security locally or in the cloud.
Security guarantee
Security built on the choice of the modern equipment and backed by advanced technology to protect against attacks .
Fast shipping
Prompt delivery of equipment from our warehouse to your office by courier services.

Setup & Support
Hardware installation, equipment set-up and support at all stages of the project .

All hardware and software products are covered by warranty for a minimum of 90 days. Some products have longer warranty coverage periods.
Best choice of equipment for every budget
Brands we work with are well proven in the European market

Business can not be imagined without any information work. Information technologies enable the introduction of powerful and user-friendly tools to operate systems and services.

We provide infrastructure solutions for the realization of projects of any complexity level. Brands we work with are well proven in the European market, so our clients can be sure that all equipment is in working order and functioning in accordance with its specifications.
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